Will Toyota Be One of the 'Big Three' By 2009?

CSM Worldwide sees Toyota's share growing to 14.1 percent in five years when Lexus and Scion brands are included, knocking DaimlerChrysler out of the Big Three

Published: 03-Jan-2005

AGO - Toyota will sell more vehicles in the United States than DaimlerChrysler by 2009 to join General Motors and Ford in a new-look Big Three, a leading industry forecaster predicts.

An unrelenting product offensive and growth in luxury vehicle sales will propel Toyota into third place, Detroit-based CSM Worldwide said in a forecast released Tuesday.

"They’re on a roll, and the momentum is going to continue through this decade," said Joe Barker, CSM’s manager of North American sales analysis.

Toyota, including its Lexus and Scion brands, holds 12.2 percent of the U.S. market. CSM sees Toyota’s share growing to 14.1 percent in five years, enough to knock DaimlerChrysler out of the Big Three.


2006 model introduces slight styling changes, additional safety equipment and added amenity options including leather seats.

Toyota engineers demonstrated the steering controls in the 180-kg unit, which can reach speeds of up to 50 kph.

By the end of October, the largest Japanese automaker said, its worldwide hybrid vehicle sales totaled about 513,000 units.


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