Malcolm Bricklin Plans to Bring Chinese Cars to US

Venture aims to sell 250,000 vehicles in five models in its first year, 2007, with the goal of 1 million units by 2012 at 30% below the market with Toyota-Lexus-like quality.

Published: 02-Jan-2005

DETROIT (AP) -- The man who brought the Yugo and Subaru to the United States has a new project -- becoming the first mass importer of low-cost Chinese-made cars.

Chery Automobile Co., owned by the Chinese government, has signed a deal with auto entrepreneur Malcolm Bricklin and his privately held Visionary Vehicles LLC of New York to sell Chery's cars in the United States, Visionary announced Sunday.

The companies aim to sell 250,000 vehicles in five models in their first year, 2007, with the goal of selling 1 million units of eight to 10 models by 2012, Visionary Vehicles chief of staff Paul Lambert said Sunday.


Removal of the ban came as pressure mounts on city administrators to tackle horrible traffic congestion, air pollution and possible fuel supply, caused to a large extent by a rapidly growing number of cars on the road. PHOTO: First snow in Beijing Dec. 31, 2005, courtesy of China Daily.


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