Go-Ped Wins Electric Scooter of the Year Award

Equipped with a 1,000+ Watt motor, the ESR750 reaches speeds up to 20 mph and boasts unmatched hill climbing abilities.

Published: 31-Dec-2004

MINDEN, Nev., Dec 31, 2004 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- Patmont Motor Werks Inc., the US based manufacturer of the genuine California Go-Ped(R) brand Scooters proudly announced today that its new state of the Art Electric Go-Ped(R) Scooter, the ESR750, has been awarded the Scooter of the Year by Electric Scooter World, an independent and influential Electric Vehicle and Scooter Industry watch reporting service.

Patmont Motor Werks, Inc., founded in 1985, pioneered the Motorized Scooter Industry. Today, the original Go-Ped(R) prototype scooter, pioneer patent, and registered Go-Ped(R) trademark documents are preserved in the Smithsonian Institute in Washington DC. PMW, now well known for its innovative line of high quality, environmentally friendly alternative transportation devices recently introduced the new Electric ESR750, after much anticipation from the industry and EV consumers alike.

Jerome Byrd, EV industry expert of Electric Scooter World writes: "The Go-Ped(R) ESR750 is a 'premium quality scooter!' It is superbly engineered down to the smallest details. Its lines are simple yet elegant. Underneath, the simple Go-Ped(R) facade lie high tech features and powerful performance. The ESR750 has clearly been engineered and constructed to offer quality, easy service, performance and traditional 'Go-Ped(R)' style."

The most innovative and highest quality features and components come standard in the ESR750. Equipped with a 1,000+ Watt motor, the ESR750 reaches speeds up to 20 mph and boasts unmatched hill climbing abilities. Its on-board charger, dual operating modes -- turbo and economy -- and ingenious programmable controller provide riders with the most user friendly electric scooter on the market.

The ESR750 is in a class of its own and no scooter in the market comes close to its power, performance, stylish design and renowned Go-Ped(R) Perfection. Its durability, reliability, top performance, style and American class without compromising on any details nor on its compact, light and foldable feature make it the ultimate electric scooter as well as an environmentally friendly transportation alternative.

Inexpensive to run, the ESR750 has already provided thousands of commuters, pleasure riders and electric enthusiasts with a first class fast, clean, safe and stylish ride.

In recent years, the scooter industry has witnessed many foreign made companies flooding the US market with low quality, unreliable and sometimes unsafe scooters, and most of them have since vanished. Patmont Motor Werks has remained focused on its tradition of American excellence and teamed with the best US motor and electronics manufacturers to develop the high-end ESR750 Electric Go-Ped(R) portable scooter.

Steve Patmont, President and founder of PMW, expressed his sincere gratitude today: "The Electric Scooter of the Year award is the result of 20 years of dedication, passion, and commitment to US innovation and manufacturing by PMW and its people. Together we've created the highest quality, and best valued American made alternative transportation devices, that are safe and efficient not only for the consumer, but for the environment as well."

For more information and detailed specifications on the ESR750, please visit http://www.goped.com/products/esr750/

The ESR750 is available through PMW's dedicated 500+ dealer network throughout the USA or online at http://www.goped.com and http://www.amazon.com

For additional information, please contact Anne-Cecile Moratin, MoratinaA@goped.com, ph: 925-373-6309, ext. 207 / 925-525-5693

About Patmont Motor Werks, Inc.

Patmont Motor Werks, creator of the Go-Ped(R) scooter brand, is a family- owned and operated company that hand-crafts a full range of personal transport devices, including motorized, electric and self-powered scooters.The company also offers Go-Gear(R) apparel, accessories and jewelry. Go-Ped(R) products are inspired and designed to capture the fun, free and trend-setting spirit that is the very essence of the individualistic lifestyle. As the creator of the highest quality personal transport devices, Go-Ped(R) is also an established brand among extreme sports enthusiasts. Go-Ped(R) branded personal transport devices are available through a dedicated network of dealers in North America, Europe, Asia Africa, Latin America and the Middle East, and on the Internet at http://www.goped.com and http://www.amazon.com .

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+1-925-525-5693, or fax, +1-925-373-6415, or moratina@goped.com

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