Texas Energy Center Struggling to Create Jobs

The center was to become a site where researchers, professors and businesses would collaborate on new energy sources such as clean coal, deepwater oil extraction and hydrogen power.

Published: 31-Dec-2004

AUSTIN- Ten months after it received $1.6 million from Republican Gov. Rick Perry's Texas Enterprise Fund, the Texas Energy Center has yet to create any new jobs and is without a director.

Created in 2003, the center was proposed as a way to transform the energy industry by bringing together business and researches to develop new energy sources. It was to create thousands of jobs and bring millions of dollars in corporate investment to the Houston suburb of Sugar Land.

Energy Center leaders say the problem is a lack of federal funds and a need to change their business plan to fit the objectives of the jobs-focused Texas Enterprise Fund. A better fit, they said, would have been the emerging technology fund that Perry recently proposed. That fund would emphasize research and development and demand fewer immediate jobs.


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