Colorado Voters 'Energize' Wind Farm Plans

Projects being considered include new 87 wind turbine farm near Nebraska border and 46 turbines near PPM Energy's existing famility near Lamar

Published: 30-Dec-2004

Colorado voters' passage last month of a renewable-energy mandate and Xcel Energy's call for more wind energy is making the state a focal point for wind- power developers.

This week, a proposal for a $143 million wind farm in northeastern Colorado near the Nebraska border advanced with Logan County's approval to erect 87 wind turbines.

Chicago-based Invenergy LLC's wind farm would supply 130 megawatts running at full capacity, enough power to serve about 100,000 households.


As a part of the process announced Thursday, the Bureau of Land Management is amending 52 land-use plans in nine Western states, which Norton said will clear the way for wind farms generating 3,200 megawatts of wind energy

With an area of 568 and 85,000 residents, Phu Quoc's estimated electricity demand in 2005 was at 20,234 MWh, while its diesel-fueled generators produce only 7.5 MW, less than half the island's demand.


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