Utah Duo Create 'Quadrid' EV

Singleton's create Ford Escort powered by photovoltaics, wind-generated electricity, as well as gasoline and grid-power

Published: 29-Dec-2004

Brent Singleton, a 17-year-old high school student from Washington Terrace, Weber County, plans to race his quadbrid on the Bonneville Salt Flats.

"Quadbrid"? What on the salt is that?

A vehicle that uses two types of fuel is a hybrid, which is what the Escort became after students at Weber State University modified it.


Playing catch-up a decade late, the world's auto giants now find that they have to lease or buy technology from Toyota.

Spc. Jeffrey Hamme and Staff Sgt. Michelangelo Merksamer of HHC, 1/506th Infantry, point out features of the Hybrid Electric Humvee at the AUSA Annual Meeting earlier this month. The two Soldiers participated in a Military Utility Assessment of the prototype vehicle last month at Fort Campbell, Ky.

Ford's 'Hybrid Patrol,' a 10-city initiative this fall that aims to show hybrid drivers how to drive for best fuel economy. EV World photo of Bill and Lisa Hammond on way to first Ford Patrol event in Detroit during stop-over in Omaha.


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