Tram Seeing Rebirth From Geneva to Sydney

More than 35 cities around the world have introduced new tram systems in the last 25 years.

Published: 16-Dec-2004

GENEVA - The old-fashioned streetcar, which had nearly clanged into oblivion by the end of the 20th century, has been making a sleek comeback with new lines opening from Sydney to Paris, Buenos Aires to Houston. Now Geneva is laying the latest tracks in the trend.

The city on Wednesday opened a new tram line, part of an ambitious project to rebuild a network that only nine years ago had dwindled to just one route.

Passengers will be able to hop on a streetcar in the suburbs and arrive at the main train station 10 minutes later. A journey from one side of the city to the other will be almost halved to just 20 minutes.


They will be the first hybrid tramways capable of switching their source of power between overhead catenaries and on-board batteries.


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