Global Warming 'Witnesses' Feeling the Heat

While everywhere the earth is undergoing rapid environmental changes, doubts persist on the reasons

Published: 13-Dec-2004

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina — A Nepalese Sherpa fears his mountain valley will be flooded by melting glacier runoff high in the Himalayas. A Fiji islander frets about rising sea levels, while villagers cope with the destruction of mangrove swamps in India.

As scientists debate whether global warming is affecting Earth, "climate witnesses" told a U.N. environmental conference yesterday they are feeling the heat of the changing weather patterns they say are drastically affecting their way of life from the Himalayas to the South Pacific.

"In the past we just accepted it was the will of God," said Penina Moce, a woman from a fishing village in Fiji. "But now we believe there could be other reasons."



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