Delaware River Oil Spill Spurs Calls for Offshore Wind Development

New Jersey Public Research Group pushing for a pilot project and study of wind power as a way to cut down on power plant emissions of greenhouse gases and prevent future oil spills

Published: 09-Dec-2004

TRENTON - Environmental groups on Wednesday urged Acting Gov. Richard Codey to scuttle a planned moratorium on offshore windmills, citing the Delaware River oil spill as reason to explore new energy sources.

According to a spokeswoman, Codey plans to institute the moratorium on electricity-generating wind turbines located off the Jersey Shore within the next week. Windmills on land would not be barred under the prohibition.

"The spill in South Jersey is a good example of why we need to move forward," said Emily Rusch, clean energy advocate for the New Jersey Public Research Group. "Offshore windmills are the elephant in the room we can't ignore."



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