Is Kyoto Being Bought By Carbon Trading Bribes?

Commodifying Carbon: Consequences and Strategies conference in Durban, South Africa raises concerns that market-based solutions such as carbon trading,including trading involving carbon sinks, are false solutions used as a way to escape responsibility for real reductions of greenhouse gases from fossil use and production....

Published: 15-Oct-2004

Most environmentally-conscious people know that George W Bush is, apart from all else that is politically nasty about him, an eco-dissident in denial of global warming as a result of human activity, claiming it to be a function of nature only.

Environmentally aware people acknowledge that there are tumultuous, entirely natural forces at work in our universe and in the depths of our earth and sea, as well as in our skies that can wreak untold havoc. But they also acknowledge that human activity directly causes a wide range of environmental disturbances, malfunctions, destruction and deficiencies. Adoption of new technologies like genetic engineering and nano-technology should always be subject to the ‚Äúprecautionary principle‚ÄĚ,

Destructive human activity can be classified in terms of: deforestation, desertification, soil erosion; wildlife and fish depletion, the extinction of species, the loss of bio-diversity and the misuse of bio-technology; mineral and fuel depletion; pollution and toxic waste; nuclear radiation; the population explosion and its acceleration of environmental disorder.



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