Petrol Prices Drive Britons to Seek Smaller Cars

"Americans would never tolerate fuel taxes like Britain's and that politicians who approved them would soon be voted out of office...."

Published: 14-Oct-2004

LONDON (AP) -- In Britain, drivers pay nearly three times what Americans do for gasoline at the pump, and the high taxes that cause the huge difference have never managed to achieve one of the government's main goals: reducing the number of cars on the road.

But they have dramatically increased the number of small, fuel-efficient cars that Britons drive, and as oil prices continue to climb on world markets, some Britons believe the gas-guzzling United States has to find a way of doing that too.

Big cars are part of the culture over there. They've got to get out of that mind set,'' said Rob Surtees, 26, a film location specialist who pulled up at a Texaco station in central London in a Fiat Bravo on Tuesday.



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