China Weighs It Role in the Future of the Automobile

Recent financial studies indicate that annual household incomes in large Chinese cities are approaching the $4000 mark, widely considered the point at which vehicle sales will take off at an even higher pace than that so far...

Published: 13-Oct-2004

Shanghai - Even if you have visited China's financial capital before, this city never fails to impress. An astonishing, ever-growing array of futuristic skyscrapers and palpable sense of energy on the streets underscores Shanghai's dominant position in the new China.

This week the city of 17 million hosts the Michelin Challenge Bibendum, an annual event dedicated to highlighting advanced technology vehicles, including this time an unprecedented number of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. In several senses, the choice of venue could not be more relevant to the focus of the Michelin gathering.

Though many other cities in China are nowhere near as developed as Shanghai, the whole country faces challenges that will become more and more pressing as the vehicle population expands.



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