With Escape Hybrid, SUVs Just Got Greener

Columnist Royal Ford looks at new Escape Hybrid in golfing terms, and he thinks we're at our first real par 4....

Published: 11-Oct-2004

If the development of the hybrid gasoline/electric vehicle can be described in golf terms, we're early in the match, far from making the turn at the ninth hole.

We've played a par 3 and a couple of short part 4s -- on one of which there was a frustrating backup.

Now come a couple of longer par 4s, while the first par 5 is a distant image on our course guide. The par 3 was the introduction about five years ago of the Honda Insight, the funky little rolling hybrid laboratory. It wasn't just a study in the new technology of a gasoline engine assisted by an electric motor, with a battery pack that was recharged by the force of the car's braking. It was also a study in light weight and aerodynamics, unlike anything else on the road. A signature hole.



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