Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Moving Canada Towards a Greener World

Renewed government support a highlight of global conference

Published: 08-Oct-2004

Toronto, ON, October 8, 2004 - Canada moved a few steps closer to a
greener world last week, when the Hydrogen and Fuel Cell 2004 Conference
and Trade Show took place in Toronto.  The conference focused on clean
energy and advances in hydrogen and fuel cell technologies and was
jointly organized by Fuel Cells Canada, the Canadian Hydrogen
Association, Government of Ontario and the Government of Canada.

During the conference Natural Resources Canada announced that six
hydrogen and fuel cell projects would receive $2.2 million in new
funding.  The projects will take place in Charlottetown, Ottawa,
Toronto, Whistler, Vancouver and Alberta and include hydrogen refueling
stations and fuel cell-powered shuttle buses.

Other announcements made during the conference include:

- PriceWaterhouseCoopers released its 2004 fuel cell industry survey,
which revealed that public companies in the fuel cell sector saw
revenues rise 20 per cent in 2003.

- The unveiling of an educational hydrogen and fuel cell Web site and CD
created by Industry Canada, Natural Resources Canada, the National
Research Council Canada, and Fuel Cells Canada.  The site is located at

- Hydrogenics Corp. and the Toronto Waterfront Revitalization
Corporation announced a memorandum of understanding to explore ways that
hydrogen and fuel cells can be used to improve Toronto's waterfront.

- Ballard Power Systems announced that its fuel cells are powering 34
production vehicles built by Ford for use in a US Department of Energy
demonstration program that was unveiled in Detroit, MI.

- Fuel Cells Canada President and CEO Dr. Ron Britton handed leadership
of Fuel Cells Canada to Ms. Louise Comeau.

"From the public kickoff in Nathan Phillips Square to the closing
keynote, this conference brought together numerous groups to share ideas
and experiences about the hydrogen and fuel cell industry," said Louise
Comeau, President and CEO of Fuel Cells Canada.  "Delegates from 35
countries attended, proving just how dominant Canada is in this

Keynote addresses by Hon. Joe Volpe, Minister of Human Resources and
Skills Development, Dr. Arthur Carty, National Science Advisor,
Government of Canada, and Joseph Cordiano, Minister of Economic
Development and Trade, Government of Ontario, focused on building a
clean energy future and Canadian opportunities in the transition toward
a hydrogen economy.

"At this year's banquet three delegates received the Canadian Hydrogen
Association's Medal of Recognition; Carl-Jochen Winter from Europe,
Ken-Ichiro Ota from Japan, and Dr. Ron Britton from Canada," said Dr.
Tapan Bose, President of the Canadian Hydrogen Association.  "Academia
continues to play a major role in innovation in this industry and four
students from universities across Canada were recognized for their
outstanding contributions."

The conference featured over 150 presentations, demonstrations and
speeches, and was attended by 800 delegates from 35 countries.  The
conference also included a trade show floor and public demonstrations in
Toronto's Nathan Phillips Square.
For further details, including copies of speeches and announcements made
at the conference, visit www.hydrogenfuelcells2004.com


About Fuel Cells Canada
Fuel Cells Canada is a non-profit and member-driven national industry
association with offices in Vancouver and Ottawa.  It works closely with
industry, government and academia to achieve its mission of accelerating
the development of Canada's world-leading fuel cell and hydrogen
industry.  Fuel Cells Canada is the prime source of services and support
to Canadian corporations, educational institutions and business
alliances promoting, developing, demonstrating, and deploying fuel cell
and hydrogen-related products and services in Canada.

About Canadian Hydrogen Association
The Canadian Hydrogen Association is a nonprofit membership association
composed of universities, research organizations, industry and small
business.  Its objective is to promote the use and development of
hydrogen energy, hydrogen energy systems and technologies and to develop
the role of hydrogen energy for the purpose of improving the
environment. www.h2.ca

About the Government of Canada
For over 20 years, the Government of Canada has played an important role
in the development of Canada's hydrogen and fuel cell industry. Through
this history of partnerships, and a total commitment to date of
approximately $500 million, we have helped build world leading capacity
in Research and Development, Engineering and Testing, Demonstrations,
Codes and Standards and Public Education and Outreach.  The Government
of Canada recognizes that continued partnerships and collaborative
efforts with industry and academic stakeholders are key for the
successful global transition to a hydrogen economy.  www.ic.gc.ca,

About the Government of Ontario
Ontario's economic development and trade resources promote economic
growth in an increasingly competitive global marketplace by creating a
culture of innovation, promoting investment and expanding exports to
world markets. Ontario is accelerating the commercialization of its
critical mass of scientific and technological research to bring the best
ideas and discoveries out of the labs and turn them into products and
services that can be sold around the world. www.gov.on.ca

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