Oil Fears: An Inexhaustible Resource

Bill Streigerwald commentary of 'Pump Dreams' article in New Yorker magazine

Published: 08-Oct-2004

ough it's highly unlikely, and although it won't matter much by then if we do, it is possible that we infinitely resourceful humans might run out of affordable oil someday.

But one thing we'll never run out of is magazine stories about running out of oil or scary articles predicting that a lifestyle-ruining energy crisis is just a presidential term or two over the horizon.

The latest example of this inexhaustible journalistic resource comes courtesy of The New Yorker, a fine publication not known for its affection for what we flyover folk fondly call cars.

But John Cassady's "Pump Dreams" is valuable because it delivers a lot of high-quality information and sound opinion with very little liberal guilt.



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