Just As Business Starts Thinking Green, the White House Doesn't

John Balzar's commentary on the wrong signals being sent by The White House's anti-environmental policy decisions.

Published: 11-Apr-2001

r a minute, let's go to Alaska. All the way to the top, to the North Slope. Up there on the edge of the Beaufort Sea, the big oil companies have been pumping petroleum for almost a generation.

Let's talk about taking sides.

Maps show the place to be Prudhoe Bay, a sprawling network of oil fields. To the west lays the distant Inupiat Eskimo town of Barrow and more than 1,000 miles of wild coastline, the habitat of the polar bear. To the east, just over the horizon, is the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge--ground zero in the big battle over further drilling on public lands here.

Put that fight aside for the moment, and take a tour closer by.



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