Solectria Wins Contract for Electric and Hybrid-Electric Shuttle Bus Drives

AVS Orders components for 85 22-foot buses.

Published: 08-Nov-2000

(Wilmington, MA) - Solectria Corporation ( announced today that it has signed an agreement for the second phase - worth $1.2 million - of a long-term contract to provide electric and hybrid-electric bus drive systems to Advanced Vehicle Systems ( of Chattanooga, Tennessee, a leading manufacturer of electric and hybrid-electric buses. This contract phase covers motors, motor controllers, DC-DC converters, and other electric vehicle components for a total of 85 AVS 22-foot shuttle buses. With this agreement in place, more than 170 electric and hybrid-electric buses powered by Solectria components will be on the road throughout the U.S., Latin America and Asia by April 2002.

"Transit systems nationwide are happy with the AVS shuttle buses and are buying more of them. We're pleased to be providing the drive systems for these buses," said Doug Alderton, national sales manager for Solectria Corporation. "Electric and hybrid buses are now a viable choice for cities and towns seeking a clean, quiet, reliable, and efficient transportation option," stated Karl Thidemann, Solectria's director of marketing.

The Solectria drive systems being produced for AVS under this contract will be installed on both battery-electric shuttle buses and on hybrid-electric shuttle buses featuring a microturbine produced by Capstone Turbine Corporation (; Nasdaq: CPST) as the on-board energy generator.

Solectria provides drive systems to several leading international bus manufacturers for use in their electric and hybrid-electric buses. Solectria components, including motors, motor controllers, generators, and battery chargers, are used in buses ranging in size from 22-foot to 40-foot models. Buses powered by Solectria components annually carry more than 3,000,000 passengers, more than are transported by any other producer of electric and hybrid bus drive systems.

Solectria Corporation develops and manufactures a wide range of components for electric, hybrid, and fuel cell vehicles, and for the distributed power generation industry. Solectria also offers comprehensive engineering services for electric drivetrain design and integration. Solectria's Preform Engineering Group provides composite process engineering support and develops manufacturing equipment for composites parts production. Over 2000 vehicles worldwide - including cars, trucks, buses, and industrial machines - rely on Solectria's proprietary drive system technology.

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