PG&E Bankrupcty Seen Hurting Small Power Generators

PG&E bankruptcy may force small power generators to follow suit in California,further impacting state's power supply.

Published: 07-Apr-2001

SAN FRANCISCO, April 6 (Reuters) - Pacific Gas & Electric's filing on Friday for bankruptcy protection threatens to drag dozens of California's small, independent power plants down the same path, putting the energy-starved state just that much closer to rolling blackouts, analysts said.

"PG&E's bankruptcy is certainly not good news for QFs or any Californians," said Ann MacLeod, executive director of the California Cogeneration Council, which represents 13 small power generators known as Qualifying Facilities, or QFs.

"Many QFs have not been able to operate due to non-payment from the utilities and some may even to file bankruptcy going forward to protect themselves," she said.



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