Global Warming and the Scourge of Unregulated Capital

OpEd by Mike Whitney contends that Iraq has become the new laboratory experiment of Bush-style capitalism, which threatens 'the very ecosystems that make human life possible'...

Published: 25-Aug-2004

The war in Iraq had more to do with establishing a beachhead for western style capitalism than it did with the removing the imaginary threat of Saddam Hussein. The “neoliberal” model that is being applied in Iraq, however, has very little to do with free markets and quite a bit to do with controlling Iraq’s coveted resources.

The rules of this new game have been painstakingly detailed in former proconsul Paul Bremer’s 92 edicts that were issued before he left office. These directives insure that all areas of Iraqi commerce (as well as ownership of state assets) will be open to foreign ownership.

Iraq has been sold to the highest “transnational” bidder by a stroke of the pen.



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