CNN NEWSROOM Airs Powering the Planet

Educational Program Provides Online Lesson Plans for Science, Current Events Classes

Published: 03-Apr-2001

Even as utility operators across California brace for summer power shortfalls, U.S. energy consumption remains dependent on fossil fuel sources, primarily petroleum, coal and natural gas.

On April 23, CNN NEWSROOM anchor Tom Haynes hosts Powering the Planet, a special report examining the energy crisis in California, youth apathy on the environment, the state of current fossil fuel sources and future alternatives.

Powering the Planet is accompanied by a free classroom guide available at Schools may record the program and use it as best fits their science, social studies, current events or other classroom curricula.

CNN NEWSROOM, CNN's daily news and features program for teachers, is cablecast weekdays at 4:30 a.m. (ET). Educators should call 1-800-344-6219 to receive free taping rights and the daily guide via email. This four-part series explores the following issues:

Part 1: Global Warming -- CNN Correspondent Natalie Pawelski
takes an in-depth look at the controversial topic, answering
questions such as: What is global warming, and what can we do
to slow down or reverse the damage?

Part 2: Youth Apathy -- Why are today's youth ignoring
environmental warning signs, especially when their parents
weathered the environmentally conscious 1960s and
energy-deficient 1970s?

Part 3: The Crisis in California -- CNN NEWSROOM will take a
look at how California is dealing with its energy problems.
What are some alternatives to fossil fuels? What are the
benefits and drawbacks of using sources like the sun, wind and
Earth for energy?

Part 4: Fossil Fuels -- What are fossil fuels and how do they
form? What is the status of fossil fuels in today's
energy-driven world? Are we running out or do we just need to
find other sources?

Upcoming Programming

In May, CNN NEWSROOM offers classrooms special programs on the new e-economy, discussing successes and failures in the dot com world, and stories from youth around the world who have been affected by war and other conflicts in their homelands.
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