ZAP Introduces GolfCycle

Three-wheeled bike combines human-electric drive.

Published: 02-Apr-2001

SEBASTOPOL, Calif., April 2 /PRNewswire/ -- Electric vehicle pioneer ZAPWORLD.COM (Nasdaq: ZAPP) introduces GOLFCYCLE(R), a three-wheeled, electric turf bike that combines cycling with golf.

The GOLFCYCLE is a single passenger golf vehicle equipped with a hybrid human-electric propulsion system and room to carry your golf clubs. You can pedal the bike as fast or as little as you want, or simply sit back and enjoy the scenery on the way to your next shot. Adjust your speed or exertion with the help of a seven-speed transmission, so you can play and exercise at your own pace.

GOLFCYCLE's added mobility can give you faster play than a two-person cart. Specially designed turf wheels allow the user to pedal over grass without the compaction caused by standard golf carts. The ergonomically contoured seat fits golfers of all sizes, making for a smooth comfortable ride.

Golf courses can benefit from having the GOLFCYCLE in their fleet. The unique design offers a new attraction to golfers. Rentals and sales can add a new source of revenue. The new carts help speed up play, and because they cause zero turf damage, they will help reduce landscape maintenance costs. ZAP is planning a limited summer production run for the GOLFCYCLE, so visit the ZAP Website to reserve yours. Priced at $2499.00.

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