London to Take Delivery of Low Emission Buses

The London trial will form part of a much wider project involving 27 fuel cell buses. The other eight cities are Reykjavik, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Luxembourg, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Barcelona and Porto.

Published: 31-Mar-2001

>LONDON, United Kingdom, March 30, 2001 (ENS) - Londoners will soon be using hydrogen powered fuel cell buses, after an announcement this week.

A fuel cell combines hydrogen with oxygen to produce electricity, heat and water. The fuel cell uses this electricity to power the vehicle. Because the only emission from fuel cell vehicles fueled with hydrogen is water vapor, they are significantly cleaner than existing petrol and diesel vehicles.

The difference such technology could make in London, one of Europe's most polluted cities, is significant and follows a trend. In December, it was announced that some of the capital's 20,000 black taxi cabs were being fitted with pollution cutting catalytic converters.

Other cabs in the fleet are converting from diesel to the much cleaner liquefied petroleum gas.



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