Interview with Former US Climate Negotiator

Frank Loy calls President George W. Bush's rejection of Kyoto treaty a "drastically bad" decision.

Published: 30-Mar-2001

WASHINGTON, March 29 (Reuters) - Frank Loy, the lead negotiator for climate change issues during the Clinton years, on Thursday blasted President George W. Bush for rejecting the Kyoto treaty, saying the move was a "drastically bad" decision which imperils international action on global warming.

Loy, in a telephone interview with Reuters, said his former negotiating partners, notably from the European Union, were "dismayed and angered" by the new administration's decision to turn away from Kyoto and seek alternatives to the 1997 pact.

"I think this (decision) is a total, unmitigated disaster," Loy said. "He pulled out without any alternative, no international back-up plan."



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