EVWorld Editor Calls on Bush Administration to Consider More Forward Looking Energy Policy

Open letter to the president of the United States regarding the Administrations backward looking energy policy.

Published: 19-Mar-2001

President George W. Bush
The White House
Washington, D.C.

Dear Mister President,

I am not only disturbed by your Administration's decision not to regulate C02 emissions from our nation's powerplants, which I believe is extremely shortsighted but also is a decision which 53% of the American people believe came about not because of an "energy crisis" but because of intensive lobbying by the electric utility and coal mining industries. Instead, I am even more concerned that your Administration seems to believe the answer to the nation's energy needs is -- and I quote Lawrence Lindsey, your economic advisor -- more refineries, more powerplants, more pipelines.

I couldn't disagree more and I wonder where your advisors have been the last five years? Certainly not staying in touch with what's happening in the energy industry, in particular alternative energy industries. Are they not aware of what is happening around the world in the construction and operation of large-scale wind energy facilities? Do they not realize that the cost of solar photovoltaic-generated electricity is near parity with grid-generated power in many circumstances. Have they not heard of solid oxide or PEM fuel cells and what the world's leading car makers are doing to develop this technology? Do they know what distributed generation is and what it can do today to help reduce emissions and assure our neighborhoods and small businesses have adequate power? Do none of them drive a Honda Insight or Toyota Prius, both of which get double the fuel economy of comparable vehicles? (I drive an Insight every day).

Mister President, instead of looking backwards to an infrastructure which will only continue to poison our lakes and rivers and our groundwater, I would hope that your advisors would start looking forward. I urge you to encourage them to count the real costs of their advice on the children and the elderly of our nation. In 2001, we shouldn't need to rely on dirty, inefficient 1940's and 50's technology, but that appears to be what your Administration is endorsing. There are much better ways to address these problems, Mister President than more refineries, more powerplants and more pipelines. Demand that your advisors be a bit more visionary and a tad less reactionary. It will go a long way towards leaving a legacy you and family will be proud of in the years to come.

J. William Moore
Publisher and Editor In Chief
Omaha, Nebraska

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