Manhattan Scientifics Gets New Patent On Larger System Configuration For Microfuel Cell(TM)

The MicroFuel Cell's modular system is potentially less expensive than other fuel cells to mass produce and operate.

Published: 19-Mar-2001

LOS ALAMOS, N.M., March 19 /PRNewswire/ -- Manhattan Scientifics, Inc. (OTC Bulletin Board: MHTX) announced today that it has obtained a new U.S. patent for a Large Non-Bipolar Fuel Cell Stack Configuration covering further applications of its MicroFuel Cell(TM) for portable electronics devices including household power generators and power tools.

The new patent extends the MicroFuel Cell principles established in earlier patents. It covers methods of stacking electrically parallel modules to obtain high current capacity and demonstrates how individual fuel cells are easily configurable into a stack to create higher capacity systems. The MicroFuel Cell's modular system is potentially less expensive than other fuel cells to mass produce and operate. The fuel cells are formed on large plastic sheets in arrays, which enable a low-cost manufacturing process suitable for large-volume applications.

U.S. patent number #6,194,095 was issued on Feb. 27, 2001 to Robert Hockaday and is assigned to and owned by Manhattan Scientifics, which owns exclusive global rights to all of Hockaday's fuel cell patents.

"We're working towards an affordable and environmentally clean energy source for smaller, portable applications," said Robert Hockaday, chief micro fuel cell scientist for Manhattan Scientifics and inventor of the MicroFuel Cell. The patent is the fourth one granted in connection with Hockaday's development of the MicroFuel Cell. Earlier patents, also assigned to MHTX, cover the basic concept of the fuel cell itself and its printed circuit board manufacturing technique.

The company cited the following additional advantages that it believes this modular system has over conventional bipolar fuel cell stacks:

* Enables non-bipolar fuel cell systems to go from watts to megawatts by using common modules

* Builds redundancy to maximize dependability of the overall system

* Minimizes the number of needed seals

* Provides hot swap capability to service and rejuvenate the fuel cell stack during operation

* Eliminates the need for mechanical electrical contacts in the fuel cell environment

* Eliminates electrically conductive fuel cell separators

* Reduces conductive content to insulator ratio making the system safe from shorting

* Offers built-in safety diodes so that if an individual module fails, the module automatically drops out of the system

* In contrast to bipolar gas channels, a non-bipolar configuration provides low air and fuel flow resistance so that its gas flow channel doesn't need to maximize conductivity

"As portable electronic devices such as cellular phones and PDAs become more complex, conventional batteries alone may become inadequate," said Marvin Maslow, chairman and chief executive officer of Manhattan Scientifics. "The new patent further extends the potential uses of the Hockaday inventions to supply power to larger systems."

Manhattan Scientifics, Inc. is a development company focused on various technologies including alternative energy, holographic data storage, water and gas filtration and computer and Internet enhancements. Most recently, Manhattan Scientifics announced an agreement with Electrolux for a prototype fuel cell-powered portable home-use vacuum cleaner that eliminates electric cords and with Aprilia, S.p.A., one of Europe's largest manufacturers of motor scooters and motorcycles, to develop a fuel cell powered concept bicycle based on the Manhattan Scientifics' Hydrocycle(TM) bicycle. The company's development laboratories are located in Los Alamos and Albuquerque, N.M. and Passau, Germany. Its executive office is in New York City. Copies of Manhattan Scientifics' press releases, current quotes, stock charts and other information for investors may be found on the Web sites and

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