Natural Gas-powered Civic GX First AT-PZEV

Vehicle is first to receive "Advanced Technology P-ZEV" certification from the California Air Resources Board.

Published: 13-Mar-2001

TORRANCE, Calif. – The natural gas-powered 2001 Honda Civic GX has become the first vehicle ever certified as an "Advanced Technology" near-zero emission vehicle and the first to achieve nationwide SULEV status, American Honda Motor, Co., Inc., announced today.

The Civic GX’s "Advanced Technology P-ZEV" certification from the California Air Resources Board is the result of near-zero total vehicle emissions combined with the exceptionally low fuel cycle emissions of natural gas. As a result of complying with the P-ZEV (Partial-credit, Zero Emission Vehicle) standard and 150,000 mile or 15-year emissions durability certification, the Civic GX now is eligible to receive credits under California’s Zero Emission Vehicle requirements.

California’s Super Ultra Low Emission Vehicle requirements (SULEV, which are virtually the same as Federal EPA Tier-2, Bin-2 requirements) are the most rigorous in the world. The requirements call for a reduction in hydrocarbon emissions of 96 percent from the existing Federal Tier-1 passenger car levels, and an 86 percent reduction compared to the California Low Emission Vehicle (LEV) standard.

During Civic GX testing, hydrocarbon emissions were so low they were virtually immeasurable with conventional laboratory instruments. GX greenhouse gas emissions (CO2) also are significantly lower than a comparable gasoline-powered vehicle.

In addition, because it operates exclusively on natural gas, the Federal EPA also certified the Civic GX as an ILEV (Inherently Low Emission Vehicle), recognizing the environmental benefits of a sealed fuel system that emits zero evaporative emissions.

"The Civic GX NGV is an example of existing technology that can have an immediate impact by significantly reducing vehicle emissions," said Stephen Ellis, American Honda manager of alternative fuel vehicle sales and marketing. "Honda is committed to maintaining its leadership role in lowering automotive emissions and advancing practical alternative fuel vehicles. The Civic GX is one example of the technology that makes this possible."

The Civic GX recently was recognized by the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (ACEEE) along with the Honda Insight hybrid vehicle, as having the best overall score in the annual ACEEE Green Book: The Environmental Guide to Cars and Trucks.

The Civic GX is a dedicated NGV and marketed nationwide, primarily to fleet customers. Introduced in 1998, the Civic GX was the first NGV to be entirely manufactured on the assembly line, and is built exclusively in East Liberty, Ohio, using both domestic and globally-sourced parts.

The 2001 Civic GX features virtually all of the advancements found in the all-new 2001 Civic Sedan lineup, including a more spacious interior. In fact, the Civic Sedan has now moved from the subcompact into the compact class. The GX itself has a 25 percent larger trunk than the previous model, is equipped with an advanced continuously variable automatic transmission (CVT) and offers optional Anti-Lock brakes packaged with side impact airbags.

The new 2001 Civic lineup recently swept all the IntelliChoice Awards for best car values in the subcompact and compact classes. IntelliChoice is a leading independent automotive information company and the largest publisher of consumer automobile reports in the U.S.

Honda also offers a SULEV certified Accord in California, the first gasoline-powered vehicle to meet this strict California standard. In 2000, more than 85 percent of all Hondas received a "low emission vehicle" rating or better.

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