Winnipeg To Launch $50 Million BRT System

New Flyer buses to use diesel-electric hybrid drive

Published: 23-Mar-2004

Winnipeg is about to glide into a new era of urban transit -- in satellite-monitored, spacious, air-conditioned comfort. The city's "bus rapid transit" system officially kicked into gear yesterday when Mayor Glen Murray, Premier Gary Doer and Liberal MP Reg Alcock (Winnipeg South) confirmed the $50-million price tag for a coach corridor will be covered by the three levels of government. Construction is planned to begin late this year.

Winnipeg Transit officials were ecstatic when the spending was announced at The Forks.

"We're over the moon," Bill Menzies, Transit's planning manager, said. "We've been trying to get this done for several years, and it's just fabulous that we've now got funding to get started on it."



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