Higher Gas Prices Force a Look at Alternatives

Honda sales improving as people look to more fuel efficient vehicles

Published: 23-Mar-2004

as prices rise higher and higher, many people are looking for help. And WHSV found out many of them are turning to hybrid cars to ease their pain.

They represent only a small percentage of car sales acroos the country and here in the Valley. But getting 60 miles per gallon of gas is putting hybrid electric and gas cars in the crosshairs of many people.

"My personal sales have increased I would say probably 15 to 20 percent and I think it's because of the higher fuel economy car, along with gas prices," says Dan Tyree, a salesman at Rule Honda in Staunton. "People are trying to squeeze more mileage out of every gallon of gas that they buy."

Tyree says Honda sales in general have gone up because many of its cars have good gas mileage, But he hasn't seen a fall off in SUV sales either, as one would expect. Tyree says that's because SUV's are used for specialized purposes like towing or transporting larger families.

"If you need to haul a lot of people you gotta have something to haul them in," says Tyree.

Tyree says the hybrids provide another advantage in areas like Washington D.C. Drivers are allowed to ride in the HOV lanes without a passenger because it's an alternative fuel vehicle.



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