Running On Empty: Money For Hydrogen in EU

New EU hydrogen and fuel cell initiative launched

Published: 23-Mar-2004

Research Commissioner Philippe Busquin recently outlined current and future key EU initiatives for a transition from a fossil fuel-based economy to a hydrogen-based one at a "Fuels for a future generation" conference held in Brussels. Some €100 million of EU funding, matched by an equivalent amount of private investment, is currently being awarded to research projects into hydrogen and fuel cell energy. Further calls for R&D will pump €300 million of public and private investment into the sector.

€2.8 billion of ten years
These projects represent the initial phase of the European Union's "Quick Start" initiative for hydrogen production and use. The "European Growth Initiative" earmarks some €2.8 billion for public/private partnerships over the next ten years. The Commission is thus helping to implement the ambitious vision of the European Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology Platform, headed by Commission President Romano Prodi, which is now developing coherent European research and deployment strategies.

"Research must vigorously pursue measures to tackle the twin problems of security of energy supply and global warming. Our aim is clear: to develop cost-competitive, sustainable energy systems for future generations," said Busquin. He went on to explain that the ambitious "Quick start" initiative, built on coherent public/private partnerships, will accelerate the commercialisation of hydrogen technologies in Europe during the next decades.



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