Minneapolis Group Proposes Network of Hydrogen Fuel Stations

Group wants stations from Iowa to Canada along I-29

Published: 23-Mar-2004

p;  A Minneapolis-based nonprofit group wants to build a network of hydrogen fuel stations along Interstate 29 from Iowa to Winnipeg.

    The Upper Midwest Hydrogen Initiative is asking the federal government for $1 million to plan the project. It wants to includes stations in the Fargo and Grand Forks, North Dakota, areas by 2010.

    Director Rolf Nordstrom says it would help test the new technology, and educate people about it.

    But organizers still have to get the $18 million needed to finish the project.

    Another hurdle is that gasoline and natural gas are cheaper than hydrogen fuel. The technology is still being developed.

    But interest is increasing, and Nordstrom says the time to start planning is now.



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