GEM NEV Makes Rockies Front Range Debut

Ferrero Auto Center of Loveland opens it dealership to sell GEM neighborhood EV.

Published: 08-Mar-2001

LOVELAND, Colo., March 8 /PRNewswire/ -- As the brown cloud hovers over the city and traffic congestion adds to the pollution, the GemCar, a neighborhood electric vehicle, makes its debut in the Front Range area.

Ferrero Auto Center, Loveland, Colo., a family owned and operated business for more than 20 years, is taking the lead in bringing zero emissions vehicles to Colorado. Ferrero is the only dealership offering the GemCar electric vehicle, which is manufactured by Global Electric MotorCars, LLC.

"The market for zero emission vehicles is growing and we've selected the best product for our state," said Ryan Ferrero, General Manager of Ferrero Auto Center. "It's surprisingly affordable and extremely versatile. And a customer can take delivery in as little as a week."

The GemCar is a two or four-passenger, street legal, zero-emissions vehicle powered by a 72-volt shunt GE motor with six Trojan 12-volt deep cycle batteries. The vehicles are equipped with front-wheel drive, four-wheel hydraulic brakes, safety glass windshield with wiper, and seat belts. Other standard features are headlights, high-mounted brake lights and turn signals. The GemCar also offers changeable modular accessory packs that can carry anything from golf clubs to groceries.

The GemCar can drive at street speeds up to 25 mph or can be switched to 15 mph for turf use. Tires are rated for both street and turf. The vehicles can be recharged in about eight hours using a household 110-volt A/C connection. It's an affordable alternative, costing about a penny per mile to operate in certain conditions.

Zero emissions vehicles (ZEV) are becoming more popular as the government cracks down on pollution. Under the Colorado Clean Fuel Fleet Program, 50 percent of vehicles under 26,000 pounds must meet low-emissions standards if they are part of a fleet of 10 or more vehicles.

Consumer regulations may not be far behind. The California Air Resources Board (ARB) has already mandated that automakers market thousands of zero emissions vehicles (ZEV) in the state starting in 2003. It requires 10% of an automaker's vehicles sold in the state to be ZEVs.

Neighborhood electric vehicles are currently in use at military bases, resorts, university campuses, planned communities, golf courses, industrial setting and cities. The GemCar is perfect for these campus-type environments, as well as airports, parks and municipalities.

"Our community is important to us," said Ferrero. "We live in a beautiful state and we want to be a leader in keeping it that way."

About Ferrero Auto Center

Ferrero Auto Center in Loveland, Colo. specializes in all DaimlerChrysler products. Since 1978, the Ferrero family has built their business around first class customer care. Ferrero Auto Center was voted Loveland's Business of the Year in 1998 and has been a past recipient of People Magazine's "Top 5" Chrysler Dealers in the United States. Not only has Ferrero won DaimlerChrysler's Five Star Award of Excellence 14 times, but has been involved with various community charities spanning 21 years. For more information about Ferrero Auto Center call (800) 660-3305 or visit the Web Site at

About Global Electric MotorCars

Global Electric MotorCars, LLC (GEM) was formed to provide new types of electrically driven transportation for speed-limited environments. GEM vehicles are prominent in the neighborhood electric vehicle (NEV) classification of vehicles due to their wide range of applications. For more information about the GemCar visit the Web Site at

SOURCE Ferrero Auto Center

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