Golf Carts Leave Fairways for Roadways

Growing group of about 15 families in neighborhood have purchased golf carts for short trips around town.

Published: 21-Mar-2004

DELRAY BEACH -- On a bright morning in a green northern neighborhood, two parents lined up their children on the front lawn for the daily carpool to school.

Toting backpacks, Dana Hillman ushered his sons, 4-year-old Jack and 2-year-old Luke, to the driveway. Hillman's neighbor Amy Brewer did the same with her son, 8-year-old Bowen, and with 7-year-old Eliza Rosenberg, who lives down the street.

The children didn't clamber into a sport utility vehicle like many of their classmates at Unity School. They walked past the family sedans in the driveway and hopped into golf carts. Hillman's bore no decoration, but Brewer's was adorned with a horn and racing stickers, including a Porsche label on the steering wheel. The plastic-body carts rolled down the street noiselessly, a tad faster than a bicycle and just a smidge slower than the more conventional vehicles on the city's back roads.



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