Study Disputes Idea on Global Warming

Study finds itself caught between global warming skeptics and IPCC.

Published: 19-Mar-2004

QUERQUE, March 17 (AP) — Work by a New Mexico researcher suggests that global warming may be less severe than some predictions.

But the research by the scientist, Ken Minschwaner, an atmospheric physicist at the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology, also undercuts an argument made by skeptics of global warming that a lack of water vapor could cool Earth.

Those results put Dr. Minschwaner, along with a fellow researcher, Andrew Dessler of the University of Maryland, in the middle between the skeptics and those who argue that warming caused by burning of fossil fuels could be extremely severe.

Dr. Minschwaner and Dr. Dessler used data from a NASA satellite to study how much water vapor is in the upper atmosphere.



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