Proton Motor Delives First Fuel Cell to Italy

The 48 V system provides 2 kW rated power

Published: 17-Mar-2004

Starnberg, 15th March 2004: PROTON MOTOR Fuel Cell GmbH (PM) today announces the first delivery of a complete PEM fuel cell system to Italy.

The customer only has to provide hydrogen and can easily implement the system in the cooling circuit of the facility. The 48 V system provides 2 kW rated power. The customer will use the system for tests on fuel cell behaviour under various conditions, including different load profiles. The commissioning of the system was already done successfully in the facility of PROTON MOTOR in Starnberg, Germany.

The monitoring software "PM-Visual" is also included. The software package allows to integrate the system easily into test facilities and to learn more about the fuel cell system.

"The delivery is part of our strategy to broaden our strong base in Europe. After the first delivery to Austria last year, we now have fixed the next milestone", stated Benedikt Eska, Head of Business Development. "Another project for a commercial vehicle with an Italian customer is under construction and will be delivered this year".

PROTON MOTOR Fuel Cell GmbH, a European based company, produces and develops fuel cells and fuel cell systems for mobile and stationary applications in the power range up to 150 kW.

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