Dassault and Tata Motors Discuss Electric Car for India

French aerospace multinational looking for opportunity to re-enter Indian market

Published: 16-Mar-2004

French military aerospace and electronics multinational Dassault Group is planning another foray into the Indian market, this time in the passenger car field. The group’s automotive arm -- Societe Des Vehicules Electriques (SVE) -- has started talks with Tata Motors to produce and market electric passenger cars in the Subcontinent.

A production joint venture may be set up, or alternatively a technology transfer agreement with the Indian automaker, said SVE president Laurent Dassault. SVE is a joint venture between Dassault Group and Henri Heuliez Group to develop electric and hybrid cars.

The French and Indians got together at the Geneva Motor Show early this month, Dassault explained. “We were looking for an opportunity to enter India and feel Tata would be the ideal partner in view of their engineering prowess and market presence.”



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