Hybrid Cars Win Over Drivers in Hawaii

Fifty-four Priuses were registered in Hawai'i in 2002, and an additional 75 in 2003

Published: 15-Mar-2004

Hanalei resident Ray Chuan is on his second hybrid car, and knows several hybrid owners who liked them so much they traded in for newer models.

"It's very technically sophisticated," said the retired aerospace engineer of his Toyota Prius. "When I read about it, I was absolutely interested as a technical person and car buff. I've owned everything from a Volkswagen to a Ferrari."

All three major U.S. auto companies plan to come out with hybrids next year, but for now there are only Toyota's five-seat Prius and Honda's two-seat Insight and five-seat Civic Hybrid. They are rare on Hawai'i roads: Not quite 400 were known to be in the state by the most recent count. Honda hybrid sales in Hawai'i were about 100 cars in 2002 and 150 in 2003, said Honda spokesman Andy Boyd.



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