Nuvera Fuel Cells Demonstrates Natural Gas Fuel Cell Powering Verizon Telecommunication System

Demonstration to span 2-year period and test fuel cells in 5kW range.

Published: 07-Mar-2001

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., March 7 /PRNewswire/ -- Nuvera Fuel Cells today announced the successful demonstration of a natural gas fuel cell powering a Verizon telecommunication system. The demonstration, which represents Phase 1 of a multi-phase joint development agreement between Nuvera and Verizon (NYSE: VZ), powered a portion of the telecommunications infrastructure at Arthur D. Little's international headquarters, where 1,200 people are currently employed.

The joint effort between Nuvera and Verizon, which will span a two-year period, includes the development, testing, and evaluation of fuel cell powered demonstration units in the 5kW range. As a result of the effort, the companies expect to achieve a greater understanding of the performance requirements for advanced power generation equipment for the telecommunications industry.

Phase 2 of the joint effort is expected to commence with the demonstration of the fuel cell technology at a community-based Verizon equipment hut or similar remote site. In the final phase of the program, a customized telecom- specific power generator is expected to be field-tested by Verizon. Such systems could be used in the future to provide primary or backup power for telecom switch nodes, cell towers, and other electronic systems that would benefit from on-site, direct DC power supply.

"Today's supply of electricity generation is insufficient given the surge in economic growth and demand for power," said Jeffrey Bentley, Chief Operating Officer of Nuvera Fuel Cells. "There is a growing need, especially in the telecom industry, to develop distributed generation sources that are clean, modular, and robust alternatives to the electric grid. Fuel cells offer an attractive energy source in this power range, and the telecom industry provides a promising early market to demonstrate their reliability and effectiveness."

In addition, there is significant evidence that some users are demanding a more reliable source of power than is currently available on the existing power grid. Reliability requirements have intensified in some industries such as telecommunications, where the proliferation of computers, the Internet, and communication networks call for more reliable power than is available on the current electric grid.

About Nuvera

Nuvera ( is a designer and developer of fuel processors, fuel cell stacks, and integrated fuel cell systems for stationary and transportation applications. Our fuel processors and proton exchange membrane, or PEM, fuel cell stacks have been successfully tested and evaluated by major automobile and appliance manufacturers, research institutions, and industrial and energy companies. Nuvera's fuel processors have demonstrated the ability to extract hydrogen from a number of commonly available hydrocarbon fuels, including gasoline, ethanol, methanol, natural gas, kerosene, propane, butane, home heating oil, and diesel. Nuvera was formed in April 2000 through the merger of De Nora Fuel Cells S.p.A., the fuel cell division of the Italian engineering concern Gruppo De Nora, and Epyx Corporation, the fuel processing division of the American business and technology consulting firm Arthur D. Little, Inc. The two companies have built and tested approximately 38 fuel processors and 310 fuel cell stacks over the last 10 years. Nuvera maintains corporate and operational facilities in both Cambridge, Massachusetts, and Milan, Italy.

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