UQM Technologies Introduces Advanced Propulsion System for Hybrid, Electric and Fuel Cell Vehicles at 2001 SAE World Congress

Company's Integrated Electric Traction System is is an efficient sole propulsion system for small to mid-size vehicles or an axle drive system for larger vehicles.

Published: 05-Mar-2001

DETROIT, March 5 /PRNewswire/ -- UQM Technologies, Inc. (Amex: UQM) announced today that it has developed an advanced propulsion system designed to offer high levels of performance and efficiency in hybrid, electric, and fuel cell vehicles. The Company's Integrated Electric Traction System (INTETS) was unveiled today at the 2001 Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) World Congress in Detroit.

Designed from the ground up by UQM, INTETS is an efficient sole propulsion system for small to mid-size vehicles or an axle drive system for larger vehicles. An intelligent electronic controller allows tailoring the system for many different applications. Applicability to a variety of vehicle configurations was an important design consideration during this system's development.

"This versatility makes INTETS ideally suited for use in the most popular advanced technology vehicle types now in development by automakers worldwide," says William G. Rankin, President and Chief Executive Officer of UQM Technologies.

"Its highly integrated design also offers a very compact footprint, an important edge in a highly competitive arena where the size and weight of virtually every automotive component is crucial to achieving maximum efficiency and economy," added Rankin. "This is especially true in the case of next-generation advanced technology vehicles where increasing fuel economy or range is an absolute imperative, or where additional space is needed for passengers or energy storage."

INTETS measures in at just 15 inches (380 mm) total length with an 11-inch (280 mm) diameter without the system's optional inverter. Small but mighty, it integrates a high-torque, 94 horsepower (70 kilowatt) brushless permanent magnet motor using neodymium-iron-boron (NdFeB) magnets for quick off-the-line acceleration and greater than 100 mph top speed, depending upon tire size.

The system incorporates epicyclic single-stage gearing, off-the-shelf differential componentry, and parking pawl. Components are used for multiple purposes to reduce part count and cost, and additionally feature geometry tailored for minimum noise. Components are designed to meet FMVSS standards and a 150,000-mile life. UQM expects to have INTETS prototypes available for delivery by fall 2001.

UQM Technologies, Inc. is a leading developer and manufacturer of power dense, high efficiency motors, gear assemblies and electronic assemblies for the automotive, aerospace, telecommunications, medical and industrial markets. A major emphasis of the Company is developing products for the alternative energy technologies sector including power systems for electric, hybrid electric and fuel cell electric vehicles, 42-volt vehicle auxiliaries and distributed power applications. The Company's headquarters and engineering and product development center are located in Golden, Colorado. Manufacturing facilities are located in Frederick, Colorado (electric motors and gear assemblies) and St. Charles, Missouri (electronic assemblies and wire harnesses). For more information on the Company, please visit its worldwide web site at http://www.uqm.com.

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