U.S. Green Charm Offensive Wins Friends

New EPA head says Bush recognizes problem of global warming and will seek bi-partisan legislation to limit CO2 emissions.

Published: 05-Mar-2001

TRIESTE, Italy (Reuters) - The new U.S. environment supremo succeeded in a weekend charm offensive in convincing partners in the G8 rich nations' club that Washington is serious about cleaning up the planet, diplomats said.

With doubts over new President George W. Bush's position on green issues -- particularly on global warming -- there had been tense anticipation at G8 environment ministers' talks in Trieste of what clues Bush's envoy Christine Todd Whitman would give to his thinking.

Above all, European Union countries wanted to hear whether Bush would return to negotiations on sealing the 1997 Kyoto pact on reducing pollution blamed for climate change, an agreement he had called "unfair to America" during his election campaign.



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