Technologies M4 Shows Innovative Electric Vehicle Power Technologies at SAE Expo

HPDG system is based on optimized, permanent-magnet, brushless technology.

Published: 02-Mar-2001

DETROIT, March 2 /PRNewswire/ -- Innovative power technologies for hybrid- electric vehicles are being shown by Technologies M4 (TM4) at the 2001 SAE World Congress and Exposition here March 5-8.

The Canadian-based company is exhibiting at the SAE Congress for the first time, booth #1741, and will feature two of its latest product developments:

* A revolutionary new electric drive system that can be housed inside vehicle wheel assemblies, TM4's E-WHEELcontrol system.

* A high-power density generator, HPDG 10-3A, designed for direct-drive use, engine start-up and power generation applications.

TM4's E-WHEEL system locates high-efficiency motors inside a car or light truck's wheel assemblies to power the vehicle and electronically manage handling and control features with increased safety advantages. The design integrates an electric motor and its controller, including both power and control electronics, into the volume of a vehicle wheel. It eliminates the need for traditional drive train components.

The HPDG system is based on optimized, permanent-magnet, brushless technology. It provides high efficiencies and power densities, as well as ultra-quiet operation, according to TM4 President and CEO David Johnston. Its efficiency is more than 96 percent at nominal power, and its low parts count provides low maintenance and high reliability.

TM4's HPDG 10kw is targeted at series hybrid, range extender, starter/generator, and distributed generation applications, complete with power converter and controls, he noted. TM4 has also designed 20kw and 40kw models.

TM4's E-WHEEL control system is designed for use in battery, hybrid or fuel-cell-powered vehicles with either two- or four-wheel drive, Johnston said. Pilot production has begun at TM4's plant in Longueuil, Quebec.

"It is ideally suited for drive-by-wire vehicles of the future and provides important new safety features through significantly increased vehicle control," he declared.

"By eliminating the need for transmissions, differentials, driveshafts and other driveline components, the system also reduces overall vehicle weight, lowers costs, provides highly efficient and effective regenerative braking and frees up space for passengers, additional interior features and 'crumple' zones. It also provides space to meet an ever-increasing demand for onboard electrical systems, fuel cell equipment, and components."

"The E-Wheel system has been recognized as a break-through concept that will have a major impact on future electric and hybrid vehicle designs," Johnston said. "It is tested, proven and ready to be customized for specific commercial applications, and we are in discussions with several potential partners in the automotive industry."

Technologies M4 Inc. (TM4) is a world-class designer, developer and supplier of integrated and sophisticated electric drive, power generation and power electronics systems for the transportation and power technologies sectors. With headquarters in Longueuil, Quebec, Canada, and 20 years of research and development experience, TM4 offers custom adaptations of its core products for improved energy efficiency and safety and environmental benefits, based on highly integrated power and control technologies. More information is available on the Internet at .

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