New Honda Fuel Cell Sedan To Serve as Pace Car for LA Marathon

FCX-V3, the first fuel cell car to serve as pace car, uses hydrogen fuel cell and ultra-capacitor.

Published: 02-Mar-2001

TORRANCE, Calif., March 2 /PRNewswire/ -- Honda's FCX-V3 fuel cell vehicle, the latest in a long line of Honda's environmentally friendly vehicles, will serve as an official pace car for the 26.2-mile, March 4 L.A. Marathon. The pace car, complete with L.A. Marathon logos, will lead the estimated 23,000 Marathon runners.

"Honda is proud to have its FCX-V3 Fuel Cell Vehicle lead the L.A. Marathon as an official pace car," stated Tom Elliott, executive vice president of American Honda Motor Co., Inc. "The FCX-V3 will be the first fuel cell vehicle to serve as an L.A. Marathon pace car. It reinforces Honda's commitment to protecting the environment by building products that pollute less, use less gasoline and that people want to use and enjoy."

Honda has pursued development of low-emission vehicles and the use of alternative fuels to reduce the impact automobiles have on the environment. In model year 2001, more than 88% of all Honda vehicles will be Low Emission Vehicle (LEV) rated or cleaner.

The Honda FCX-V3 uses a pure hydrogen fuel cell system with a compact electric drive motor and seating for four people. Combined with a Honda developed ultra capacitor, it provides excellent response and high efficiency. Realizing the ultimate environmental performance of zero emissions, zero CO2 and the use of a renewable fuel, Honda's FCX-V3 also approaches the packaging and ease-of-use of gasoline powered vehicles.

The vehicle features improved start-up and quieter operation than previous fuel cell models for improved viability as a commercial product. A fuel cell stack is used in the FCX-V3 to store hydrogen under high pressure and create electricity, which in turn drives the electric motor and the wheels.

American Honda began operations in North America in 1959 with the establishment of American Honda Motor Co., Inc., Honda's first overseas subsidiary. Today, more than 19,000 associates in the United States are employed by Honda in the areas of design, development, engineering, assembly and sales of Honda and Acura products. Honda operates 10 manufacturing facilities in North America that produce automobiles, motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles, power equipment, transmissions and engines, using domestic and globally-sourced parts.

SOURCE American Honda Motor Co., Inc.

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