India to Benefit from Global Hydrogen Experiment

Planning Comission Deputy Chairman praises India's participation in the International Partnership for a Hydrogen Economy

Published: 11-Feb-2004

N class=insidetxt>New Delhi, Feb 10 (UNI) Planning Commission Deputy Chairman K.C. Pant today said India must take its due share of benefits in the development of the hydrogen sector as it has the potential to become the leading energy carrier by 2040.

''Hydrogen has the potential to become the world's leading energy carrier due to the extensive use of commercial transport and utility applications as well as the building up of necessary infrastructure in this regard,'' Mr. Pant said while inaugurating the Indo-UK Collaborative Research initiative on 'Sustainable Public Transport in large Indian Cities'.

He said the re-carbonisation of energy systems has evolved from the 10 to 1 carbon-to-hydrogen ratio of wood to 1 to 4 in the case of natural gas. Hydrogen will complete this journey as it has no carbon content.

Mr. Pant pointed to India's recent participation in the inaugural meet of the International Partnership for a Hydrogen Economy (IPHE) held recently in Washington which was a ''grand success''. India, China and Brazil were the only three developing countries invited to be the founding partners of IPHE.

Other invitees were Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Japan, Republic of Korea, Russia, Sweden and the European Commission.

Mr Pant referred to the fact that the Auto Fuel Policy for the country was formulated in October 2003. He said the policy provides a clear-cut road map for changes in vehicular technology and corresponding fuel quality that will be harmonized with this. It also proposes measures to reduce emissions from in-use vehicles. While developing this policy, social costs have been sought to be optimised, Mr. Pant said.

IPHE is a significant initiative to bring together major energy consuming countries and those that have the necessary infrastructure and R&D strength to set up a major global partnership to move quickly towards the Hydrogen based economy. The initiative hopes to promote energy security, collaborative research, infrastructure, standards and code harmonization, and globally focused National Hydrogen Road Maps, he said.

India had signed the joint protocol during this IPHE meet. The delegates participating in the inaugural meet also agreed to establish a ministerial level Planning Committee under the Chairmanship of USA. India was elected as the Vice-Chairman. Mr.

Pant said this international respect to India was a recognition of the work being undertaken in the country on Hydrogen Energy by scientists and all others associated with these initiatives.

The Hydrogen economy, as it develops, will mitigate environmental degradation and provide energy security.

It has the potential of meeting the rising demand of renewable energy supply to the rural areas while ensuring a clean environment, he said.



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