Disney Bans Segways, Angering Disabled Visitors

Disney World doesn't allow the Segways into the parks because they haven't been approved by the Food and Drug Administration as medical devices

Published: 09-Feb-2004

ORLANDO, Florida (AP) -- The last time Doug Exum went to Walt Disney World, he rented an electric scooter to navigate the resort's four theme parks. But he tired of sitting and the scooter cost him $200.

The next time the 42-year-old computer programmer from Plano, Texas, returns, he wants to bring his Segway, which allows him to stand up as he scoots about on its platform and battery-operated two wheels.

There's only one problem: Disney World doesn't allow visitors, even those with disabilities like Exum, to use the self-balancing transportation machines. The policy has angered some Segway owners with disabilities and surprised others since the Disney parks have a reputation for accommodating the disabled.



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