Stanford Students Single Out Ford in Protest

Bluewater Network continues campaign to embarass Ford into action on its SUV fleet

Published: 09-Feb-2004

Nearly 50 students and community members gathered at the Oval on Saturday to take part in a hybrid-car parade. The signs on display included messages such as, “I’m ruining the environment” and “Ford refuses to protect the planet by refusing to implement today’s cleanest technologies.”

The events were sponsored by Bluewater Network, an environmental activism and lobbying group, which seeks to increase public awareness of global warming and to introduce members of the surrounding community to conventional automobile alternatives, namely hybrid electrical vehicles.

The parade of two dozen hybrid vehicles drove through Palo Alto and came to a final stop at the Peninsula Ford Dealership on El Camino Real, where manager Ron Fodrey was presented with a cake proclaiming “clean cars are a piece of cake” and fuzzy dice that read, “Ford, don’t gamble with our planet.”



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