Yamaha Introduces Electric Bicycle Powered by Lithium Ion Battery

Redesigned lithium ion battery will not suffer from memory effect

Published: 06-Feb-2004

Tokyo (JCNN) - Slated for sale on March 15, the New PAS Lithium is the latest model in Yamaha's (TSE: 7272) New PAS series of power-assisted bicycles, and features a newly redesigned, compact, high-output lithium-ion battery with a high 3.7 Ah capacity.

In addition to its superior high-current discharge capability, this newly redesigned lithium ion battery does not suffer from the memory effect - a condition of reduced battery performance due to the battery's use of only those cells that are fully discharged and charged on a regular basis, and thus allows for repeated or partial charging.

Yamaha expects to sell 66,000 units of the New PAS series this year.



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