Renewable Energy Initiatives Gain Momentum

Apollo Alliance praises efforts of California,Pennsylvania and New York to encourage 'smart' energy

Published: 05-Feb-2004

In a win for energy independence and good jobs, California, New York, and Pennsylvania have all announced initiatives this week to invest in energy alternatives. The Apollo Alliance is working to bring key constituencies together in these states to build a better energy future.

The Apollo Alliance joined California State Treasurer Phil Angelides as he announced a 1.5 billion dollar investment in state pension funds to go towards clean and alternative energy technology. Angelides announcement comes two weeks after he participated in the Apollo Alliance's release of "New Energy for America" a jobs study detailing the economic benefits of Apollo. At Apollo's press conference Angelides stated "I am well aware that the way in which we invest capital can shape not only the contours of our economy, but also the future of our communities, our society, and our environment for decades to come." The Apollo Alliance is working with labor leaders in California. Labor Federation Exec. Secy. Treas. Art Pulaski also attending the press conference stated, "The California Apollo Project is about our future," said Pulaski. "We need strong public investment in real job creation, not corporate tax breaks that create long term deficits."

On the East Coast, New York Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton called for public investment in renewable energy on the scale of the Apollo space program, noting that "significant federal investments in the space program" and other initiatives have brought significant benefits to the United States. She noted that Japan and Europe "have made big commitments to advancing these technologies with significant public investment." And, "we must do the same."

Meanwhile, in Pennsylvania Governor Rendell announced several progressive energy initiatives for Pennsylvania. He proposed a new "green tax holiday" for purchases of energy efficient appliances. In addition, the Governor's budget extended the Pennsylvania Energy Harvest an investment initiative that provides financial tools to encourage clean and renewable energy projects. Over the last several years, Pennsylvania has doubled the amount of green energy that they use. This week, Governor Rendell directed state agencies to make 20 percent of the state's energy needs met by new energy technology.

Apollo is working with leaders around the country to bring about a better energy future. To learn more visit

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