Iowa Soybean Fields Hold Key to America's Energy Independence

Iowa national leader in soybean production at 337 million bushels in 2003

Published: 04-Feb-2004

With each new international conflict, America's dependence on foreign sources of energy becomes increasingly scrutinized. Since domestic energy demand isn't likely to decline anytime soon, alternative sources of fuel are being pursued. While ethanol and wind energy capture most of the headlines, Iowa soybean producers welcome the opportunity to help fill the demand.

Biodiesel, is "today's energy solution" - a clean-burning, biodegradable fuel made from renewable sources, including soybeans. Research has shown that it is the most flexible, lowest-cost alternative fuel option for the nation's diesel fleets. It's sold at hundreds of stations in all 50 states and produces no carbon dioxide emissions when burned.

Biodiesel is an attractive energy source for consumers and fuel suppliers.



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