Avista Labs Forms New Company Focused on Hydrogen Production for Fuel Cells

New firm called H2fuel to develop and commercialize a new technology for manufacturing hydrogen for fuel cell use.

Published: 01-Mar-2001

SPOKANE, Wash., March 1 /PRNewswire/ -- Avista Corp. (NYSE: AVA) today announced that its fuel cell affiliate, Avista Labs, has formed a new company, H2fuel LLC, to develop and commercialize a new technology for manufacturing hydrogen for fuel cells.

Avista Labs owns a 70 percent interest in H2fuel. The remaining interest is owned by Unitel Fuels Technologies, LLC, whose members have a substantial track record in fuel processing and in the design and construction of pilot and mini-plants for manufacturing hydrogen. Avista Labs will transfer its ongoing fuel processor development work to H2fuel. The company's principal offices will be located in Spokane, Wash.

"Hydrogen is essential for fuel cells to function but it has always been expensive," said Serge Randhava, chief executive officer of Unitel Fuels Technologies, LLC. "H2fuel's technology provides new opportunities to manufacture low cost hydrogen."

"H2fuel's mission is to bring clean, reliable and affordable hydrogen production technology to market," said J. Michael Davis, chief executive officer of Avista Labs and chairman of H2fuel LLC. "H2fuel will focus its considerable talent on fuel-flexible technology to serve the entire fuel cell industry, in addition to other applications requiring hydrogen. Avista Labs will maintain its focus on manufacturing and marketing its patented, modular, cartridge-based fuel cells and integrated fuel cell systems."

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