ZAP Plans EV Trade Mission to China

Company looking for ways to crack the electric car price barrier

Published: 03-Feb-2004

HONG KONG, Feb. 2 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- U.S. electric car startup ZAP is planning a visit to China to find a way for the world's new manufacturing powerhouse to crack the electric car price barrier and deliver low-cost, production versions to American consumers.

ZAP CEO Steve Schneider announced today he would be traveling to China in February as part of a trade mission with eminent electric vehicle scientist Dr. C.C. Chan to explore new business opportunities. Chan and Schneider will be traveling from Hong Kong to Mainland China visiting various manufacturers of electric vehicles, chassis, components and propulsion systems. Stops are planned for Shenzhen, Yantai, Wuhan, Nanchang, Shanghai, Wuxi and Haikou. The trip has been scheduled between February 8 and February 20.

In 2003, ZAP contracted for the assembly of electric cars with one of China's largest automobile manufacturers. The Company is now working to organize distribution for electric cars to dealers in North, South, and Central America.

Dr. C.C. Chan, called the "Father of Asian EVs" by Global View, was recently named as the Chairman of ZAP's Advisory Board of Directors. Chan is considered to be one of the world's top scientists in electric transportation. His 2001 book Modern Electric Vehicle Technology is considered a comprehensive reference book on the subject. Chan is scheduled to deliver a keynote speech to the International Clean Vehicle Forum February 15 in Haikou.

Schneider took the helm of ZAP in 2002, helping the electric scooter and bicycle manufacturer consolidate its operations while introducing electric cars to its vehicle lineup. Schneider, age 43, has over 20 years experience in the automotive industry. Under his direction, the company has reorganized to focus on marketing and distribution for electric vehicles. He has initiated a marketing program to recruit independent auto dealers for the establishment of an international distribution network for cleaner transportation technologies. He has also helped form strategic partnerships with suppliers of electric vehicle and other technologies.

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