Sucking Wind

Matt Bivens' 'Daily Outrage' column blasts give-aways to oil,gas,coal and nuclear industries in Energy Bill at expense to wind energy

Published: 01-Feb-2004

"I'm going to resist with all that I can muster the disassembling of this [energy] bill in a manner that does not assure us of getting most of the bill passed."

So says Republican Senator Pete Domenici of New Mexico. And with good reason: The 1,200-page mystery concoction known as the Energy Bill is at heart an indefensible project. Consider just that it would gift-wrap at last count about $37 billion -- billions! -- for the oil, gas, coal and nuclear industries.

No one wants to stand there, red-faced, and try to explain why they want to borrow against the credit of the American people -- just so they can give away billions of dollars on the sly to the oil, gas, coal and nuclear polluters. Therefore, the core budget-looting project has been hidden behind a few far more modest, far more popular proposals -- like upgrading the electric grid system, investing in energy efficiency, and extending a tiny, routine tax credit for wind power.



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